The time is now!

The time is now!

Now that the top results in Google searches incorporate Maps, Videos and more, small business owners must have a presence on YouTube, Google Maps, social networks and review sites, in addition to a great SEO plan.

Site Angelz websites are built to give every small business the best possible chance of being found in search engines for any terms they desire. Our proprietary layout and super simple Search Engine Optimization term editing allows any business owner to alter their appeal to search engines on the fly.

​Got Social Media? Great. You Still Need A Website.

A large percentage of small business owners are wisely moving toward social media to market themselves online. This is great. However, some are using it as their exclusive form of marketing themselves online. This is very bad.

Social Media can really be a blessing for small businesses trying to save a few bucks with advertising, but it’s a constantly moving target. Sure, Facebook & Twitter are hot today, but no one can predict the future of the Social Media landscape or accurately keep track of its trends. The one thing that has been consistent since the '90s is the concept of having an up-to-date, well-crafted website for your small business. You have always needed this and always will.

As many people as there are who use Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis, there are even more who don’t. A good website with current content, accurate info, and proper Search Engine Optimization will put you in front of a lot more potential clients than Social Media can…and with far less of a time commitment.

The best thing a small business owner can do is have a quality website that allows you to integrate Social Media and is Social Media-Friendly. Then you can experiment with Social Media to drive people to your website for conversion.